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Japan Report #21

This will be a pretty short update compared to the previous and following Reports. In Summer 2009, we were coming up on our development deadlines and had a massive crunch time from the end of July until the beginning of October. For that period, we were working 7-days a week, 14 hours a day. In addition to that, we lost both vacation periods - Summer vacation in August and Silver Week in September. It was really brutal and unbearable; I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make it.

Comiket 76Collapse )

Something FishyCollapse )

A Whopper of an OSCollapse )

Etc.Collapse )

And that does it for the Summer (and the first half of Autumn, I guess). The next report will be my big trip in the beginning of November. However, it will contain a lot of photos (like the previous report). As such, will take a bit longer to get up than this one did. As I mentioned earlier, though, I will try to get it up faster than the previous one took. Wish me luck!
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Mini Update

As you can see, I finally got the photos from last May completed as April comes to an end. Yes, I suck. As such, I figure I should update people who are following on current events.

First, I'm going to try and get the next post dealing with the misc. things I did last summer up in the next few days. It should be relatively short and require very little exposition, so I think I can probably do the whole summer in a couple hours.

The things from last November will take a bit of time since it is probably as long as Golden Week was, but I promise to have it done before next November!

After that will be a couple of fast posts showing what happened after I got back from the vacation, including the launch of my game and a visit from my friend Christian.

And finally, most current and most important, I got my Canadian Visa! Finally! This means the company is now in a rush to get me back to Canada so I can get to work there. My official schedule is mostly set in stone, but I'll give dates when I have them solid.

As such, my adventures in Japan come to a close, though the telling the tales will still take a lot of time to come. It has been an incredible experience living here and I hope everyone has been enjoying following along... albeit really delayed.

And on that note, it is almost 3am and I need to go to bed.

Good night, all!
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Japan Report #20b - Golden Week Part 2

Apparently, LiveJournal has a 4000 word limit per post and I went over by about 2000, so I have split the first post into two. This continues where the previous post left off. Sorry about the confusion.

Mojiko Retro... Wait, retro?Collapse )

Okay, that's the first half of the trip... this took WAY longer than I was expecting it to. Hopefully the second part won't take as long.

To be continued in Hiroshima...
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Japan Report #20a - Golden Week Part 1

I'm still a bit behind schedule, but welcome to the first part of my Golden Week 2009 Photo Bonanza. This Golden Week was an exceptionally AWESOME week since I got two special guests all the way from Israel (Yes, David and Kat were special guests, too): my cousin Vital and his best friend Alek (whom I have know since he was "thiiiiis small". The three of us go way back to our computer gaming days in the hot summers in Israel. Good times, good times.

As a quick prelude note. A small number of photos were taken by Alek and then stolen by me to repost here. Most of those photos are photos that have me in them. I will mark the photos with a star so credit can be given when credit is due. It's more of an issue of different cameras than different photographers. His camera was hardcore. For people with Facebook, the rest of his hundreds of photos can be seen there (Look for the 8 albums marked יפן חלק - Alek took a lot of great photos, especially at night).

Jews in TokyokohamaCollapse )

Kokura, Gateway to KyushuCollapse )

To Be Continued...
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Japan Report #19 - OMG Update!

Yup, I suck. It's almost February 2010 and I'm finally uploading my photos from March/April 2009. What can I say? How did it get to be like this? Well, when I first took all these pictures, I ended up preparing for Golden Week right afterwards (those pictures will be the next one or two posts). Then I suddenly ended up with a couple hundred photos, so I was less in a rush to jump into it and get posting (It's bad of me, I know, but that's just how I felt at the time). Then Summer came around and I was working 14 hours a day 7 days a week. There was no way in hell that when I got home I wanted to do ANYTHING that felt like work. I was burning out fast and felt like I was going to die at anytime. It was really bad. So the updates got pushed forward. Autumn came around and all I wanted to do was recuperate from Summer and prepare to go back Canada-side. Then came winter and a whole lot of uncertainties about when I'd be going back to Canada, or even IF I would be. In November, things seemed like a "be ready to go" and the company gave us 2 weeks vacation while things hopefully finalized. I took another trip and ended up with a few hundred more photos (whoops). Then I got back, only to find out that we were still waiting, and later that my application to return to Canada was denied. It was between these two stages (waiting and denied) that I posted my previous post, but when the rejection came in, I pretty much lost all interest in everything at that point, and only recently have I finally been getting energetic again about anything in my life. So now that I'm getting back into the motions, I decided that I (and you all) have waited long enough; it is time to start posting again. So to all of you that check my LJ somewhat regularly, or to those of you that have been hoping to see something pop up in your Friends Page, I'm really REALLY sorry that I've been so sucky this past year. m(_ _)m

Now this post in particular is going to be pretty short since the next ones are going to be much bigger. After that will likely be another short one before a couple more big ones. I can't guarantee that I'll spit all of these posts out in quick succession, but I will try to get them all done by the end of February.

And for all the people wondering, as of right now (Jan 31), I am still uncertain about my return to North America. It is frustrating as all hell, but the company seems optimistic. Then again, they were optimistic before I was rejected, too. But I will definitely post if and when I know more.

Yokohama RandomnessCollapse )
Trip to AsakusaCollapse )
Caine 2009Collapse )
Spring is in the AirCollapse )
Partying With the IshigakisCollapse )

So that was my early spring fun. The next couple of posts will be about Golden Week with my cousin Vital and his friend Alek who came to visit from Israel. The photos and stories will likely be far more interesting and entertaining. So until then, have fun!
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Yay me!

So, I realize that I haven't posted in forever, because I suck...

I do have a number of posts I'm planning on getting to work on, I just need to actually do them. There are hundreds of photos that need resizing, uploading, end commenting @_@.


I post today to mention that as of today, December the 3rd, I am officially a credited Game Designer of the game Sengoku Musou 3 (Samurai Warriors 3). Today was the release in Japan for the Wii (the western dates are not known yet). So my name is now listed as a designer for a game that people have copies of. So go me!

For more info on the game (or pretty pictures for those of you who can't read Japanese), check out or try doing searches on YouTube for Gameplay, Trailers, and more!

And for those wondering, I worked on the stage design aspects of the game. I'd like to say it was an easy road getting this far, but anyone who talked to me during August or September will know that it wasn't. For those 2 months I was working pretty much 14hrs a day for 7 days a week. I'd get home, go to sleep, wake up, and go back to work. It was brutal. But now that it's over, I can look back and say, "I don't want to work in Japan anymore...". How's that for gaining experience?

More info and stuff will eventually follow. Things to look forward to:
Random Stuff from Early Spring, including a couple of photos from Canada (I really wish I took more pictures)
Golden Week in Northern Kyushu and Hiroshima with my cousin Vital and his friend Alek
A few pictures from Comiket, the big Comic Market (again, I should have taken more photos...)
Random Stuff from Late Summer
Ryon Vs. The Windows 7 Whopper (if my middle name is David, I guess the Whopper's was Goliath?)
Autumn in Shosenkyou, Himeji, Beppu, Kagoshima, and Yakushima (yes, I finally got a vacation after all that work).
Not to mention lots of wikipedia links and snarky commentaries, all by yours truly.

So keep on, keepin' on, and remember.... at least you aren't a Horse-Deer.
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Japan Report #18b - No Really... Finally!

Continued from previous post...

Next we move onto the (much shorter Miyako Island section of the trip.

The island of Miyako, which I'm sure means Perpetual RainCollapse )

After Miyako Island, I flew to Ishigaki Island, the main island of the Yaeyama Island chain.

Yaeyama FunCollapse )

Overall, it was a great trip. I had an excellent time, and seriously recommend for others to go check it out. If you can only make one Island, I'd say go to the main island. It was very foreigner-friendly, and there was a lot of great shopping and food.

That's it for now. Happy to finally be done with this update :)

Oh, on one last brief note, in December I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 and finally got my results today. With 90% correct, I passed. Yay!

Okay, ta-ta for now!
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Japan Report #18a - Finally

Yet another late update, which I'm sorry for, but it's a couple hundred photos plus video. It is quite the intimidating task.

So, moving on then. This year, after cooling off during summer in Hokkaido (See Report #16), I decided to try warming up this winter in the tropical paradise of Okinawa. Tropical paradise my ass... once the rain came in, it was a very chilly trip. I'm just happy I brought a hoodie with me, elsewise it could have gotten quite uncomfortable a few days. Also fortunately, the big sightseeing days had pretty much good weather, so it wasn't too bad overall. But enough preface, on to the pictures!

A few notes:
-As this picture doesn't really fit the first cut, I'm gonna leave it outside, and cut after. If this inconveniences all you friends-listers.... too bad :p
-This entry is pretty long and chock full of information and links.

Arriving in Okinawa at Naha Airport from Haneda Airport, my first Okinawan greeting was in the form of two large shisa lions guarding the baggage claim belt.

Shisa are a very popular part of Okinawan culture, so as you will see, I got photos of a number of them. Even more interestingly, as the Shisa are guardians in Okinawa folklore, many more traditional homes have shisa statues at the gates of their property.

Old Okinawan Capital, Shuri CastleCollapse )

There's more to Okinawa, I swear!Collapse )

And with that, at more than halfway done, I end my Okinawa Island photos.
To be continued.
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